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Ohio Regulations enable Operation of Full Surface Steam Boiler without a Full-time Licensed Boiler Attendant. 

In 2015 the State of Ohio adopted new rules allowing the operation of full-size heating surface steam boilers without the need for full-time attendance by a licensed operator. Cleaver-Brooks manufactures the Ohio Special boiler that meets the needs of Ohio State regulations.  

CBR Firetube BoilerThe packaged boiler system is available with a pressure vessel, packaged burner and controls. The steam system is available with:  

  • 15 – 2,200  horsepower or up to 1,000,000 lbs/hr 
  • Up to 250+ psig
  • Natural gas, #2 light oil and combination fuels
  • Waterback, dryback, or watertube design 
  • Low NOx options

In order to take advantage of this exemption, you are required to follow specific rules: 

Boilers with Less than 12,500,000 BTU/hr input

  1. Boilers must be Non-Solid Fuel Only
  2. Boilers must have an Automated Electronic Control System Meeting the Requirements of ASME CSD-1
  3. An Appendix C Report Supplied by The Manufacturer must be filled out
  4. Complete Manuals and Documentation on the Boiler and all Safety Controls
  5. A detailed Preventative Maintenance Program 
  6. Proof  that Employees Responsible for Maintaining the boiler must be trained, knowledgeable, and  competent to operate and maintain the boiler
  7. Policy and procedures documented on specific tasks associated with the safe operation of the boiler
  8. A full set of logs and documentation on the proper procedure to fill out the logs based on ASME CSD-1 Appendix D
  9. Yearly CSD-1 testing of all safety controls by a Qualified Individual
  10. Quarterly visits by a state Inspector who reviews your logs and confirms you are operating the boilers safely and that the individuals maintaining the boiler are trained, knowledgeable and competent

Boilers with greater than or equal to 12,500,000 BTU/hr input:

  1. All of the above plus
  2. A detailed written process hazard analysis identifies and evaluates the hazards associated with the unattended operation of the boiler and justifies the method proposed to address the hazards.
  3. Review the PHA every 5 years and submit it to the State of Ohio for review.

Energy Control can help you navigate the exemption process by supplying all the required documentation for the State of Ohio and training for plant personnel.  We have a 100% success rate in helping customers achieve and maintain their exemptions. 

Ohio Special Boiler Installation Ohio Special Boiler Installation Ohio Special Boiler Installation

A recent Ohio Special installation at a Corrugation manufacturing facility. 

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