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CSD – 1 Rules

How do you navigate the CSD-1 Testing regulations to qualify for Ohio’s boiler operator exemption for unsupervised boilers equipped with automatic controls?

Unsupervised Boilers with CSD-1 Controls, is designed for organizations that are seeking an exemption from the State of Ohio licensed boiler operator requirements for unsupervised steam boilers with a fuel input rating of less than 12,500,000 BTU/hr when equipped with automatic combustion controls.

What is CSD-1?

Ohio Special BoilerThe name CSD stands for “Controls and Safety Devices” and it refers to a standard that is published by the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). This publication outlines the requirements for Manufacturers, Contractors, and Building Owners to build, test, and maintain the boiler and its associated systems. The Control and Safety Device standard was adopted by the Ohio Legislative Service Commission

The law requires the facility owner to get their boiler(s) inspected and tested on a regular basis as recommended by the boiler’s manufacturer. The law places the responsibility on the owner once the system is installed and the owner of the building must find a qualified contractor to perform the compliance testing. The law requires the boiler manufacturers to build their boilers to certain specifications outlined by the CSD-1 code and contractors to follow the specific testing procedures outlined by the CSD-1 standard.

The qualified contractor will catalog the controls and devices on the boiler and follow a specialized procedure for testing each control based on its manufacturer’s recommendations. The test results are documented, and the files must be provided or made available to the authority having jurisdiction. The test is required for new installations and existing installations. The owner is also required to have regular maintenance performed based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

If you are considering taking your chances by not following compliance testing, it’s not recommended. Failure to comply with CSD – 1 can result in the boiler being locked and tagged, loss of occupancy of the building, and be subject to fines and penalties. Boilers are enormously powerful energy machines, failures due to neglect can cause loss of life and severe property damage, hence the need for regulations. 

Boiler service can be costly so continually maintaining your boiler is more favorable than the need for emergency service. To avoid issues with boiler downtime or compliance issues it’s prudent to work with a reputable boiler service company to ensure your boiler remains in proper working condition. 

How Energy Control can help

We are qualified for CSD – 1 boiler testing and will catalog the boiler devices and test the controls per the CSD – 1 rules.  We test all the operating controls, safety controls, and low fire start. We can develop a routine planned maintenance program for your boiler system that will help ensure that the boiler operates safely and reliably. In addition to planned maintenance programs, we offer boiler operator training at your facility, so your staff can be confident in proper operation and maintenance tasks.  

Energy Control has been in the energy conversion business since 1972. We are fully licensed and insured serving Northern Ohio. Our boiler technicians are factory-certified and trained in boiler systems providing expert service. Contact us to schedule CSD-1 testing, boiler/burner combustion tuning, or a boiler cleaning. 

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