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Emergency 24/7 Response

Our field service technicians are available 24/7.  With warehouses in both Cleveland and Toledo, we maintain close to a million dollars in boiler room parts to get you up and running quickly.  As an authorized Cleaver-Brooks Representative, we inventory Cleaver-Brooks Genuine boiler parts as well as all types of boiler equipment manufacturer components. 

Our promise to you is that no job is finished until our customer is satisfied.


Our staff includes factory-trained certified boiler technicians. Whether you require start-up assistance, troubleshooting, welding or combustion analysis, we have experienced and certified technicians to ensure your boiler system operates reliably and efficiently.  

  • Pressure vessel repair 
  • Cleaning
  • Planned maintenance
  • Refractory repairs
  • Fuel/Control conversions
  • Retubing
  • Pumps 

Reconditioned Firetube Rear Heads 

We stock 48” and 60” Cleaver-Brooks reconditioned rear heads

  • Rebuilt to OEM specifications
  • 1-year warranty
  • Installation available
Boiler Tuning and Repair
Boiler Upgrades or Conversions

Upgrades & Conversions

Turnkey conversions and comprehensive upgrade and retrofit capabilities make it easy to change fuel types, lower emissions, increase boiler efficiency, or bring any age system to current technology. Even a 1-2% efficiency increase can reduce your total cost of ownership and reduce your energy bill.   

  • Reduce emissions and increase efficiency with a burner update
  • Increase boiler system efficiency with integrated advanced controls
  • Change or expand the fuel type of your boiler/burner to reduce fuel usage
  • Reduce energy costs and environmental impact by recovering waste heat or steam with a stack economizer 
  • Efficiency upgrades with VFD technology, high-efficiency pumps and blower motors
  • Replace your old existing McDonnell & Miller or Magnetrol mechanical float type level control with a state-of-the-art Level Master control with safety alarms, no slide wires, mercury switches and more. 

Boiler Plant Optimization

Energy Control has factory-trained certified technicians to perform Boiler Plant Optimization (BPO) assessments. A BPO is an evaluation of the boiler room based on 4 pillars of optimal plant operation: efficiency, sustainability, reliability and safety. The result, the BPO plan will outline energy-saving opportunities and discovery for emissions reduction through retrofits, rebuilds and upgrades. 

The Boiler Optimization Plan will include:

  • Site visit to record the current state of your boiler room equipment 
  • A high level review of plant utility records
  • A detailed report outlining key areas related to deficiencies that need to be corrected in order to further optimize boiler plant operations.
  • Roadmap for improvement

Schedule a free Boiler Plant Optimization assessment today:

Boiler Plant Evaluation Specialists

Steam Trap Surveys

Improve safety and production reliability with a trap survey.  Defective traps with blockages, leaks or other issues can lead to a potential for water hammer, wasted energy and can turn into larger problems over time.

Ensuring steam traps are operating properly is key to the efficiency to your steam system.  

TrapMan: Steam Trap Diagnostic Tool

  • An accurate and reliable analyzer from a 3rd party authority
  • Steam loss qualification indicating the steam leak amount and monetary steam loss determination

The Trap Survey will include:

  • A Site visit to perform an analysis of the current working condition of your steam trap system.  
  • A detailed report indicating the results of the test, recommendations and Payback analysis

Learn more about the benefits of a Steam Trap Survey.

Contact us to request a quote for a trap survey. 

Steam Trap Surveys
Steam Trap Surveys

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Lower your total cost of ownership, prolong the life of your boiler and ensure your boiler system operates at maximum efficiency with a routine preventative maintenance program. 

While we are fully capable to service any make or boiler manufacturer, we are an authorized Cleaver-Brooks representative with factory-trained technicians that follow on-site guidelines to ensure all aspects of your boiler room are inspected and maintained according to the manufacturer’s standards. We provide genuine Cleaver-Brooks parts to ensure maximum efficiency. 

View a complete checklist of annual, quarterly and monthly maintenance programs.  

Boiler Maintenance Plan

Tailored Maintenance Programs

Not all standard maintenance programs can fit the needs of your energy system. Ask about our custom Preventative Maintenance Programs to fit the needs of your facility.

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