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Our Work

 We removed an old atmospheric hot water system and installed state-of-the-art condensing boilers.  The boilers included the Falcon control system that is fully integrated into the building automation system.

Energy Control removed an old B&W boiler and replaced it with a new Cleaver-Brooks Low emissions watertube boiler. The boiler included a NATCOM 30 PPM NOx dual fuel burner and a fully metered advanced Hawk control system.

 A food processing facility needs to expand capacity for increased production. The plant had (2) old Ohio Special boilers with jackshaft combustion control.  A new 500 HP high-pressure low emissions boiler was installed to replace one of the Ohio specials. This boiler included a complete Hawk 4000 control package. Energy Control applied and received an operator’s exemption from the State of Ohio on the customers’ behalf.  Read more about how we can help with Operator Exemptions with the State of Ohio.

A corrugation plant with 3 high-pressure steam boilers struggled with controlling steam production for their process. The old mechanical linkage and outdated controls made adjustments difficult. Energy control installed the Hawk 1000 control system on all 3 boilers which include parallel positioning and oxygen trim functions to increase efficiency and allows for email alerts to multiple operators on any failure. The panels were remotely mounted to free up space on the boilers.

 A feed mill needed to replace their obsolete Gordon Piatt burner on a Hurst boiler. Energy control installed a new Cleaver-Brooks model E burner which provided 10 to 1 turndown eliminating the on /off cycling the customer was experiencing. The retrofit package included the Hawk 4000 control system. parallel positioning, and O2 trim.The package also included remote monitoring via cellular service and email paging all failures.  The latest burner turndown increased the overall efficiency of the boiler by 5%!

We go beyond the installation, Energy Control also applied and received an operator exemption from the State of Ohio on behalf of the customer.  Learn more about Operator Exemptions in the State of Ohio.  

 A local hospital was expanding its campus and needed a new state-of-the-art steam boiler plant. The new plant included (4) Ohio special boilers with the complete Hawk 4000 control systems including parallel positioning, O2 trim, variable frequency drives, integrated draft control,  horizontal single-stage economizers,  Walchem surface blowdown controllers,  a Cleaver-Brooks DA and Surge Tank,  a complete deaerator control system overseeing water levels in both tanks, boiler feed pumps with VFD control, Grundfos pumps and communications to the BMS system.