Water Treatment

Water Softeners

Cleaver-Brooks Water Softeners

Removes water hardness through ion exchange preventing scale buildup on heat transfer surfaces while maintaining peak boiler efficiency

Size range: From 20,000 to 1,500,000 grains exchange capacity

Use: Steam and hot water applications

Nelson Water Softeners

Nelson Corporation offers a full line of commercial and industrial water conditioning equipment including water softeners, dealkalizers, reverse osmosis systems. Units are locally manufactured and offer competitive pricing with quick deliveries.

We offer 24-hour service for Nelson water softeners and replacement Nelson water softener parts are readily available.

Size range: From 15,000 to 1,200,000 grains capacity

Use: Steam and hot water applications

Flow rates: Varies 

Tank sizes: Up to 72”

Cleaver-Brooks Dealkalizers

Dealkalizers remove the majority of bicarbonate alkalinity in softened water supply. This controls formation of carbon dioxide in the boiler, the major cause of condensate line corrosion.

Size range: From 10,000 to 980,000 grains capacity

Use: Steam and hot water applications

Flow rates: from 10 to 300 gpm

Tank sizes: From 9” to 72”

Cleaver-Brooks Filtration Systems

Remove impurities with a filtration system and mitigate equipment servicing, cleaning and inefficient performance.

Size range: From 50,000 to 100,000 grains capacity

Use: Steam and hot water applications

Flow rates: from 2 to 800 gpm

Tank sizes: From 9” to 72”

Cleaver-Brooks Chemical Feed Systems

Chemical feed systems treat feedwater and condition blowdown sludge when an extra measure of protection against corrosion is necessary.

Size range: For any boiler size

Use: Steam and hot water applications

Walchem Water Treatment Controllers

Analytical instruments and electronic metering pumps for chemical pumps, tanks and boiler feed systems. Walchem provides versatility in water treatment control with the integration of sensor, pump and electronic technologies.


Cleaver-Brooks Blowdown Separator

Prevents scale and buildup of harmful solids by rapidly separating steam from the blowdown water and vented out the top of the blowdown separator in a cyclonic spinning action. 

Cleaver-Brooks blowdown separators are compact and can be quickly installed with few connections. 

Use: Steam boilers

Pressure: Up to 1,600 psig available

Walchem Surface Blow Down Control

Boiler surface blow down is a vital operation of all steam boiler systems. Surface blow down removes the suspended solids left floating on the top of the boiler water (which were created from the evaporation process).

Without skimming the surface of boiler water line, foaming, priming and wet steam can occur, contaminating your steam supply and possibly damaging your boiler. We offer automatic surface blow down controls furnished by Cleaver-Brooks and Walchem.

Cleaver-Brooks Surface Blowdown
Heat Recovery

The energy lost in surface blow down can add up to a significant amount of fuel costs.  A Cleaver-Brooks flash type heat recovery blow down system can recover up to 90% of the energy in the surface blow down before it goes to the drain. Contact Energy Control  to obtain a payback analysis to find out how a surface blow down heat recovery unit can pay for itself and start saving you money.

  • For steam applications
  • Captures waste heat from blowdown process  Preheats cold makeup water
  • Preheats cold makeup water
  • Up to 22 gpm blowdown
  • Up to 180 gpm makeup

Blowdown Sample Coolers

Surface blow down sample coolers are a vital tool to safely test your boiler water quality and to properly maintain your boiler water chemistry. Sample coolers are small heat exchangers designed to cool the surface blow down so that it can be safely tested.

We offer sample coolers manufactured by Cleaver-Brooks, Sentry, and Madden.