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Level Master Installations

Mennel Milling - Fostoria, Ohio

A6Mennel Milling's boilers had Magnetrol ® W-25 low water cut offs and high water alarms which contain mercury switches. The feedwater was controlled by a pneumatic Magnetrol Modulevel ® level control operating a Fisher ® pneumatic globe valve.

With the Level Master we were able to eliminate the mercury which is becoming more of an issue every day. We were also able to combine the feedwater control with the low water cut off in one control, saving valuable space in a tight boiler room.

A4 A5To make more room between the boilers, the Level Master was placed on the other side of the boiler. All of the piping on the control panel side was eliminated. An I-P transducer was added to the Fisher pneumatic valve so that it could be reused. Installation took one day.

With the blowdown over-ride button, an operator can perform his main water column blowdown successfully without having the boiler shut down.

At Mennel Milling this is extremely important. In the past testing the auxiliary low water cut off properly required jumping out the main control. With the simple push of a button the Level Master makes testing the auxiliary low water control easy.



St. Luke's Hospital - Toledo, Ohio

2St. Luke's replaced the existing McDonnell & Miller No. 93. Low water cut off and slide wire control with a Level Master.

The No. 93 controlled a Honeywell feedwater valve that has a 0-135 Ohm input.

In Place of the McDonnell & Miller No. 93, a Level Master water chamber and probe were installed. Installation consisted of changing a couple of nipples and simple wiring.


Lima Memorial Hospital - Lima, Ohio

Lima MemorialLima Memorial Hospital has four 225 HP Ohio Special boilers. Each of these boilers was supplied with McDonnell & Miller No. 93 main low water cut offs with slide wire modulation controls. They were constantly having problems with boilers flooding. This was caused by the No. 93 not shutting the valve all the way consistently.

The No. 93 heads controlled a simple linkage actuated ball valve driven by a standard 0-135 Ohm Honeywell Damper Motor.

Lima Memorial 2In place of the McDonnell & Miller No. 93, we installed the Level Master water chamber and probe. Notice, although we did not install tri-cocks there are taps for them if you want them installed.

The controller is mounted in it's own enclosure on the side of the boiler. The Level Master has eliminated the problem of flooded boilers caused from the feedwater valve opening when the boiler is full.

The hospital also likes the fact that the Level Master prompts them to perform a blowdown every day and records the blowdowns in its history.

Level Master After


NAMSA® - Northwood, Ohio


Standard on all new Cleaver-Brooks firetube boilers, the Level Master brings "state-of-the-art" water level control to NAMSA®'s new Northwood campus boiler room.

The Level Master in combination with the CB-Hawk boiler control system lets maintenance personnel monitor all aspects of the steam system from a remote location. This allows them to respond quickly to any issues that arise.

2This installation included the Fisher® Baumann® electric actuated valve. This full modulation valve operates on a 4-20mA signal and requires only 24Vac to operate.

The valve will fail closed if it loses its signal or if there is a power outage, assuring the boiler won't flood.

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