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Steam Boiler Room Equipment

Depending on the quality of your water, a water softener, dealkalizer, or R.O. system may be required. Cleaver-Brooks, Nelson, and Water King both offer systems suitable for any water treatment requirement.

The Integrated Steam System

integrated steam system deaerators Surge Tank Condensate Economizers Stacks chemical water separators blowdown heat recovery
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Deaerators & Advanced Control Systems


boiler feed systemsIf your system has moderate to high steam loss, a deaerator is a must for a reliable steam system. Deaerators remove dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide from the boiler feed water, which reduce chemical consumption and blow down, thus saving energy and extending boiler life. In addition, a deaerator preheats boiler feed water, reducing the effect of thermal shock to the boiler.

Cleaver-Brooks manufactures three different styles of deaerators with capacities of 7,000- 500,000 lb./hr.

  • Spray Type (Spraymaster)
  • Packed Column Type (Boilermate)
  • Tray Type (Traymaster) 

Manufacturer's Website:

Cleaver Brooksdeaerators

Cleaver Brooks

Deaerator Control Systems

advanced control systemsComplement and automate your deaerator system with a deaerator control system. The Cleaver-Brooks Advanced Deaerator Control (ADAC) is a PLC based system providing a complete integrated control of the deaerator including level control, pump operation, pressure control, and building management system interface.

Manufacturer's Website:

Cleaver Brooks


Boiler Feed Systems, Surge Tanks & Condensate Return

Surge Tanks

surge tanksIf your steam system is very large a surge tank may be required to save your valuable condensate.  A surge tank can provide additional storage to handle large volume swings that may exceed the capacity of your deaerator. 

Cleaver-Brooks manufactures packaged surge tank systems with capacities up to 3,600 gallons. The surge tank system includes the tank and stand along with factory piped and wired transfer pumps.  The system can be integrated with the ADAC control system to provide complete control of the deaerator, surge tank, pumps, level control and makeup.

Manufacturer's Website:

Cleaver Brooks


Atmospheric Boiler Feed Systems

boiler feed systemsWhen your steam losses are low and/or your system is small, an atmospheric feed system may be suitable. 

We offer both Cleaver-Brooks and Fabtek boiler feed systems.   These packaged boiler feed units include the tank and stand along with factory piped and wired boiler feed water pumps.  The units also include a makeup water valve and options for steam preheat assemblies.


Cleaver-Brooks builds their boiler feed systems with the same rigorous standards and quality as their boilers. If you purchase a CB boiler feed system with your boiler you are assured your system is designed, furnished, and warranted from a single source.

boiler feed systemsFabtek

Fabtek manufactures quality boiler feed systems with quick lead times and competitive costs.  They offer multiple boiler feed system configurations such as horizontal, low-boy, and vertical tank designs. 

Fabtek specializes in stainless steel construction and can provide stainless steel boiler feed systems at very cost competitive prices compared to those offered in carbon steel.

Manufacturers' Websites:



Condensate Return Systemspump

We also offer condensate return pumping units manufactured by Cleaver-Brooks and Fabtek. Condensate return units can be located out in the facility at the usage point to collect and pump back condensate to the boiler room. Unit sizes range from 10 gallon to 1,000 gallons, furnished in carbon steel or stainless steel. Duplex or simplex pumps can be furnished piped and wired to a control panel.  See the following websites for more information:

Manufacturers' Websites:



Economizers & Stacks


economizersRecover valuable energy escaping out of your boiler stack by installing a boiler economizer. Economizers are mounted on the boiler stack outlet whereby boiler feed water is circulated in a coil and pre-heated by the hot stack gases prior to entering the boiler.   

Save up to 5% on your fuel bill with the use of an economizer.  For systems with high make-up we recommend installing a two stage economizer.  Two stage economizers include a second stage used to preheat deaerator makeup water, which can increase your boiler efficiency up to 95%.

We offer economizers manufactured by Cleaver-Brooks and Cannon Boiler Works. For more information, please visit our manufacturers' websites:

Manufacturers' Websites:Cannon

Cannon Boiler Works


Boiler Stacks

boiler stacksWe offer pressure sealed prefabricated boiler stacks designed to meet the code for forced draft boilers. These stack systems are a long lasting option to installing welded steel.  Stacks are modular and factory pre-fabricated, employing a flanged joint design, allowing quick installation and pressure sealed performance. Stacks are furnished with a double wall design and made with stainless steel inner pipe. Offered with insulating air space or ceramic fiber insulation between the double wall material, these stack systems provide UL Listed clearances to combustibles. Each is furnished with layout drawings detailing all required fittings, including support and expansion allowance, providing for a complete, engineered venting system.

We offer stack systems manufactured by Cleaver-Brooks and Ampco. For more information about our offerings, please visit our manufacturers' websites:

Manufacturers' Websites:




Water Treatment Systems & Chemical Feed Systems

Water Softeners, Dealkalizers, and Reverse Osmosis Systems

water softenersOn steam boiler systems it is critical that the water makeup is free of all minerals and contaminates to prolong the life of your equipment, reduce blow down, and save energy.  Depending on the quality of your water, a water softener, dealkalizer, or R.O. system may be required.   Cleaver-Brooks and Water King both offer systems suitable for any water treatment requirement.


Manufacturers' Websites:

Cleaver-Brooks waterking

Water King

Nelson Corporation

Nelsen Corporation Logo

Nelson Corporation offers a full line of commercial and industrial water conditioning equipment including water softeners, dealkalizers, reverse osmosis systems. Units are locally manufactured and offer competitive pricing with quick deliveries. We offer 24 hour service for Nelson water softeners and replacement Nelson water softener parts are readily available.

Chemical Feed Systems

chemical feed systemsWe also offer chemical feed systems, chemical pumps, tanks, controllers for feeding boilers, deaerators, and boiler feed systems.  Available brands include Cleaver-Brooks, A&F Machine, and Walchem.

For more information about our chemical feed systems, please visit our manufacturers' websites:

Manufacturers' Websites:




Blow Down Equipment

Blow Down Separators

blowdown equipmentAn ASME approved blow down separator is required on all high pressure boiler systems and is recommended for low pressure systems.  Blow down separators take the bottom blow down from the boiler and safely flash off the excess energy of the high temperature blow down and cool the condensate before it goes to the drain. 

Cleaver-Brooks offers blow down separators, cooling systems, and blow down valves for any boiler application. For more information please visit their website:

Manufacturer's Website:




Surface Blow Down Control

surface blowdown controlBoiler surface blow down is a vital operation of all steam boiler systems.  Surface blow down removes the suspended solids left floating on the top of the boiler water (which were created from the evaporation process).  Without skimming the surface of boiler water line, foaming, priming and wet steam can occur, contaminating your steam supply and possibly damaging your boiler. We offer automatic surface blow down controls furnished by Cleaver-Brooks and Walchem.        



Surface Blow Down Heat Recovery

surface blowdown heat recoveryThe energy lost in surface blow down can add up to a significant amount of fuel costs.  A Cleaver-Brooks flash type heat recovery blow down system can recover up to 90% of the energy in the surface blow down before it goes to the drain.  Contact Energy Control to obtain a payback analysis to find out how a surface blow down heat recovery unit can pay for itself and start saving you money.

Manufacturer's Website:




Blow Down Sample Coolers

blowdown sample coolersSurface blow down sample coolers are a vital tool to safely test your boiler water quality and to properly maintain your boiler water chemistry.  Sample coolers are small heat exchangers designed to cool the surface blow down so that it can be safely tested.  We offer sample coolers manufactured by Cleaver-Brooks, Sentry, and Madden. 

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