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Cleaver-Brooks Hot Water Boilers

Hydronic Solutions

Cleaver Brooks Cleaver-Brooks, one of the Largest Manufacturers of Packaged Boilers, offers a complete line of hot water boilers including condensing, near condensing, and hybrid boiler systems. They provide some the most efficient boilers and systems available.

System Flexibility

By focusing on the benefits of integration, Cleaver-Brooks has developed a full range of hydronic solutions that offer the best-in-class quality for performance, efficiency and savings, and the control system to operate any system at peak performance. Choose from condensing, non-condensing or hybrid systems to develop a flexible solution specific to your needs.


Condensing boiler technology offers boiler efficiencies in the mid-to high-90s. Cleaver-Brooks understands how to leverage your system design and combine it with a coordinated control strategy to squeeze more out of your system’s efficiency.

Near Condensing

Great for systems requiring high operational temperatures or pressures and/or fuel flexibility that preclude the use of condensing technology. Our non-condensing line offers operating efficiencies up to 88% and can be integrated into any system design.

Hybrid Systems

Cleaver-Brooks’ hybrid solution leverages the benefits of both condensing and non-condensing boiler designs for peak system efficiency. They are especially beneficial to hospitals, universities and large commercial buildings because of their flexibility. Minimize your investment by utilizing your existing non-condensing boilers in a hybrid system.










Condensing Boilers


  • 500–3,300 MBTU/hr
  • Natural gas or propane fuels
  • Up to 99% efficient
  • Available to less than 9 ppm NOx

Featuring ALUFER technology, ClearFire-C is the best condensing boiler on the market. Designed from the ground up to provide maximum condensing efficiency, it offers the most reliable operation and complete system design flexibility. The dual return advantage provides a 6%+ efficiency gain. The ClearFire-C was designed with the boiler operator in mind: from the hinged burner to the built-in service platform, no other boiler is as easy to maintain.


  • 4,000–12,000 MBTU/hr
  • Natural gas or propane fuels
  • Up to 99% efficient
  • Available to less than 9 ppm NOx

The ClearFire-LC combines Cleaver-Brooks' exclusive ALUFER® and EX tube technologies to engineer a high-capacity condensing boiler ideal for larger central heating or process heating applications. The thermal shock proof design allows for operating temperatures up to 250°F while having no minimum return temperature requirement. The large water volume, low pressure drop heat exchanger is ideal for primary pumping and variable flow operation. The Dual Return Advantage delivers even more system design flexibility. With the advanced engineering design and intelligently integrated controls, the ClearFire-LC is a best-in-class hydronic solution, offering greater capacities and unparalleled efficiency.

Near Condensing Boilers


  • 400–2,400 MBTU/hr
  • Natural gas or propane fuels
  • Up to 88% efficient
  • Available to less than 20 ppm NOx

The ClearFire-W satisfies demands for economy and environmental protection and is the logical choice when condensing performance is not practical. The advanced heat exchanger design is fundamental to the boiler achieving efficiencies up to 88% (near-condensing) with return water temperatures of 140°F and above. This hydronic boiler delivers high turndown with NOx levels less than 20 ppm for natural gas. It is designed for higher temperature central heating or process applications with working pressures up to 125 psig.

Flexible Watertube FLXFlexible Watertube (FLX)

  • 1,500–25,000 MBTU/hr (35-600 HP)
  • No. 2 oil and gaseous fuels
  • Up to 88% efficient
  • Available to less than 9 ppm NOx

If your application requires larger capacities, rapid response, high temperature pressure heating, back-up fuel oil or field erectibility, the flexible watertube hydronic boiler is the answer. Applications include hydronic heating for universities, medical facilities, office complexes and airport facilities along with process applications such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and food processing. The Cleaver-Brooks flexible watertube can also be paired with condensing boilers in a hybrid solution.

Hybrid Systems

The Hydronic System Control (HSC)

The HSC allows facilities to maximize operating efficiency and minimize the operating cost of hydronic systems. By measuring outside air temperature along with the temperatures of the return water, the condensing boiler’s header and the supply water, the HSC determines the most efficient operation of your boiler system and operates it safely and reliably. The HSC uses complex algorithms based on temperature data to determine if it is best to operate only condensing boilers, only non-condensing boilers or a combination of both in a true hybrid system. The HSC can be used in a primary flow, primary-variable flow or primary-secondary flow design for both new and existing systems.

Hybrid System

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