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Advanced Boiler ControlsCleaver Brooks

Cleaver-Brooks Boiler Level Control Systems

A solid state-of-the-art Boiler Level Control System designed for new and retrofit applications with advanced features which enhance safety, reliability, and provide unparalleled boiler level control.

Featured Product: Level Master

advanced boiler controlsThe Level Master designed and manufactured by Cleaver-Brooks is a "state-of-the-art"  boiler water level control system.  With its electronic control and floating ball magnetostrictive level sensing technology, the Level Master is designed from the ground up to be a safe, reliable solution to boiler level control. 

The Level Master has built in safety protocols such as stuck float alarm, manual blowdown logging with alarm, and history logging, making the Level Master one of the safest controls on the market. 

Other features include on/off pump control, 4-20ma feed water valve control with no slide wires, or mercury switches.

Retrofit Applications

The Level Master is designed and ready to be installed as a retrofit to your old existing McDonnell & Miller or Magnetrol mechanical float type level control. 

Read more on the Cleaver-Brooks Package Boiler website.

NAMSA Installation

View some of our installations.

Boiler Level Control fail

What Happens When Your Boiler Level Control Fails?


Cleaver-Brooks Integrated Boiler Control Systems

Cleaver-Brooks offers the latest technology in a PLC based Boiler Control System, providing a scalable integrated solution to complete boiler control.

Featured Product:


Hawk Integrated Control System Intelligent Boiler Control (ICS)

The CB Hawk ICS is a totally integrated control system embodying precise boiler/burner management control and safety with logic based ancillary devices and functions. The result is a coordinated system which maximizes efficiency, reduces operating costs, and increases productivity; delivering critical real time and historic information with the touch of a screen!

Using today's state-of-the-art technology, the CB Hawk ICS soars to a new level, combining a highly powered high speed processor with sophisticated inter-communication protocol ("Ethernet/IP") for controlling and monitoring all of the important boiler system operating and safety functions in one synergistic, expandable package.Hawk Panel

Features & Options Include:

  • Touch Screen HMI
  • O2 Trim and Monitoring
  • Multiple Boiler Lead/Lag sequencing
  • Variable Speed Drive and Parallel Positioning Control
  • Email & Phone Paging
  • Building Management Interfacing

Read more on the Cleaver Brooks Package Boiler website.

Cleaver-Brooks Advanced Deaerator Controls

We specialize in the latest technology in PLC based Deaerator Controls and Level Control Systems.

Featured Products

ADAC PanelHawk Advance Deaerator Control System (ADAC) Intelligent Deaerator Control

ADAC Panel CloseA PLC Based Deaerator Control System providing integrated control of all functions of the deaerator including:

  • Pump Operation (Variable Speed or Alternation)
  • Level Control
  • Steam Pressure Control
  • Chemical Feed Control
  • Annunciation, Alarms
  • Touch Screen Programming
  • Building Management Interface

advanced level control systemsAdvanced Deaerator Level Controls

Cleaver-Brooks LCS-150E Advanced Level Control System offers a solution to the old linkage style level control system using a trouble free magnetic column float  and level transmitter assembly.

The system provides high visibility trip-flag level indication. The panel mounted PLC programmer provides field adjustable control of make up water valves and provides high / low water alarms. Simple to install, requiring only two process connections, the LCS-150E is great for retrofit applications.

DA w ADACpanelDA Gems Closeup

Read more about our ADAC/LCS Advanced Deaerator Controls...

PCS Pump ControlPCS140e.1 Pump Control

Cleaver-Brooks' PCS140e.1 is an intermediate pump control system with virtually unlimited flexiblity: use this system on any deaerator, boiler feed system, or surge tank.

This simple pump control system features lead/lag sequencing on a timed rotation, "first on first off" basis, or manual rotation.

Read more on the Cleaver-Brooks website...

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